“American Idol” Recap: Philadelphia

Another round of auditions on “American Idol” broke some hearts and made some dreams come true in Philadelphia. Wishbone voters are keeping their eye out for who can make it past the auditions and on to the finale. Here’s what Wishbone voters thought of the Philadelphia auditions. Continue reading “American Idol” Recap: Philadelphia


“The Bachelor” Recap: Drama in Week 2

The drama continues on “The Bachelor” and we’re loving every crazy minute of it. Ben Higgins has his hands full with these selection of girls as some have us questioning their sanity. Wishbone users voted their thoughts on the latest episode aired Monday night. Continue reading “The Bachelor” Recap: Drama in Week 2

The Best of the 2016 People’s Choice Awards

The awards season has finally kicked off and Wishbone  users are ready to vote on which looks will be remembered and which are better left forgotten. The 2016 People’s Choice Awards were no exception with a number of key moments worth noting both on and off the red carpet. A twist on the classic black dress These two ladies showed the world how to vamp up the … Continue reading The Best of the 2016 People’s Choice Awards

The Last Season Premiere of ‘American Idol’

It’s another season of “American Idol” and we can’t believed we survived so long without seeing Ryan Seacrest’s handsome face as he meets hopeful stars across the nation. It was a bittersweet premiere as this is the fifteenth and final season of “American Idol.” So we decided to join forces with Wishbone users to enjoy the experience together by picking our favorite aspects of the show.
Continue reading The Last Season Premiere of ‘American Idol’