Top 9 Trends of Halloween 2015

The Halloween season can be an indecisive time for most. You may have to decide whether to go for an all out scary look or something a little more risqué. Wishbone users have made deciding your Halloween outfit that much easier by voting for styles that’ll make you stand out from all the Sexy Cats and Sexy Vampires this year.

The Innuendo or The Controversy?   


Halloween and Chill


The clock bomb boy might be too controversial while Netflix and Chill will only lead to laughs and maybe something more. This relationship code describes the millennial dating scene in a nutshell and won’t be hard to do, no pun intended.

Yeezus or The Trumpster?


I’ma let you finish but Kanye is the best costume of all time!


Often times we love to hate both these figures, but Yeezy still has a vast amount of fans that still support him. Sorry Donald, but you’re fired!

Which Internet sensation?      


Say yes to the dress!


While both were trending topics that had us confused on how to categorize it, The Dress is a clear favorite to Wishbone voters. It broke the Internet into heated discussions and even ended friendships. We still might not agree on the color, but we can agree it’s a great look for Halloween!

The Rodent or the Republican Presidential Candidate?


The Rodent trumps Trump


While dressing up as a rat may not be the most glamorous costume, voters would still rather go for one that steals pizza rather than our faith in politics. Plus, everyone loved the pizza rat sensation. The love for Donald is still up for debate.

Go for some skin or some laughs?


Funny Is The New Sexy. 


It was a close call, but the sexy look is often overdone in the Halloween season. Showing off your wit and sense of humor is what will make you the talk of the party!

Be a part of history or horror? 


Historic for the win


Who wants to be covered in fake blood all night when you can dress as the mighty Cleopatra? Hit the history books and take your pick from all the powerful figures you can reinvent for Halloween.

Squad Goals or Relationship Goals?


Squad Up!


Squad is life and while there is some competition with Taylor Swift’s “Bad Blood” crew setting the standards so high, the group throne is still up for grabs. With some coordinating and creativity, everyone will be begging to be part of your clique!

Feline or The Undead?


Fe-line Good! 


The cat costume may be a Halloween classic but you can make it unique with your makeup skills. Taking it to the next level with some cat inspired makeup will get you from looking good to straight purr-fect!

Jack or The Monster Mash?


Team Monster


Impress your friends with Halloween inspired nails that show your commitment to the holiday! Go for a style that is more universal such as the Monster Squad as it can match any costume change.

C’mon and check out the Wishbone App and share your opinions with the world!


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