Fall Into The Season With These 7 Fashion Trends

A new season means redefining your look to the latest fashion trends. Everything from shades of lipstick, hairstyles, and manicures are changing faster than the color of the leaves.

But don’t let that stress you out. Wishbone and its fashion-forward users are here to help you decide what’s popular this fall and what’s totally last season.

 Avoid Nudes Not 50 Shades of Grey

tumblr_inline_nvtt9eLU7I1ttyp8y_1280    tumblr_inline_nvtt9mmDCZ1ttyp8y_1280

This fall season, it’s all about getting in touch with your dark side. It may be because people are getting into the Halloween spirit or simply because of the darker weather. Either way, avoid any nude shades and stick to shades of black, navy blue, grey, or even a dark blood red color.

Start Thinking in Layers

tumblr_inline_nvttaaVkzi1ttyp8y_1280      tumblr_inline_nvttaqK9M91ttyp8y_1280

We are NOT feeling the one-arm sleeve look but our eyes are set on skinny scarves. They are great for that layered fall look we all love yet it won’t have you feeling stuffy and itchy all day.

You Betta Recognize The Flirty Eyez

tumblr_inline_nvttbbSJjV1ttyp8y_1280    tumblr_inline_nvttbnYMGT1ttyp8y_1280

You might think orange would be all the rage in the fall, but voters are against making your eyes look like pumpkins. Try out purple for your next smokey eye look for that flirty yet edgy vibe.

Shorter is Better

tumblr_inline_nvttc2PUOS1ttyp8y_1280      tumblr_inline_nvttcaeZvE1ttyp8y_1280

High boots give a sexy look yet they aren’t very practical. Short boots are more versatile and can be paired with pants or a skirt. Try out heeled booties for your next night out on the town and see how the compliments keep coming your way.

Bedazzled Sweaters

tumblr_inline_nvttcsg98O1ttyp8y_1280      tumblr_inline_nvttd2BQzQ1ttyp8y_1280

Just because you’re keeping warm in the next few months doesn’t mean you can’t shine out in a crowd. Don’t make yourself look bulky with both a scarf and a sweater. Rather, pair it with a stylish collared necklace or maybe one with a geopattern.

Everyone Loves A Bad Girl

tumblr_inline_nvttdiVBtm1ttyp8y_1280      tumblr_inline_nvttdzwBvE1ttyp8y_1280

There isn’t much doubt when it comes to this style, leather jackets are simply the way to go so keep that wool coat in the closet for a little longer. Leather gives you a cool and confident look but still keeps you warm on a rainy day.

Goodbye Pink, Hello Burgundy

tumblr_inline_nvttediwgo1ttyp8y_1280      tumblr_inline_nvttev0LLg1ttyp8y_1280

It may be sad to see the pink lipstick fad go but it was clearly meant for summer nights. We need to get edgier this time around with lipsticks in dark red, burgundy, or dark purple. It will put your whole outfit together in a unique way and boost your ego with those noticeable lips.


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