How far will the pumpkin spice craze go?

Everyone and their mother knows that as soon as it’s officially Fall, pumpkin spice flavors will be hitting every menu from coffee shops to diners. But as the years go by, more and more pumpkin spice flavors have some people going mad.

Voters on the Wishbone app had to make the ultimate decision and pick which pumpkin flavored product sounded less stomach-churning. You’ll never believe some of the flavored items on this list!

Do we still have pumpkin fever?


 Totally over it…


    We’re all in agreement. People need to cool it with the pumpkin spice! We get it, the lattes are great. But some things just aren’t meant to be pumpkin-fied.

   That’s right ladies, pick your poison.


The least cringe-worthy wins!


This one made us straight up uncomfortable! Clearly pads are the winner, but only because the tampons had people shuddering in disgust. We all want to smell clean, but this just isn’t right!

Pumpkin breath or sweat?


  Raise your arms in pumpkin scented victory!


Pumpkin spice tastes great and all, but can you imagine tasting it in your mouth all day? And it doesn’t seem like it would actually do anything to keep your teeth clean. At least the deodorant will keep you smelling fairly good and will remind all your basic friends that it’s time to hit Starbucks for some PSL!

Dip or sip pumpkin?


   Smoothies galore!


There’s something about pumpkin spice hummus that just doesn’t sit well with Wishbone users. A smoothie actually sounds like a decent and practical option for the flavoring. Hummus should simply be left as it is!

Which is the better chip?


Take a bite outta that!


Numbers don’t lie. Kale is bad enough on it’s own and no added flavoring, especially pumpkin, can change that. Pringles’ new flavor is questionable but we’ll give it the benefit of the doubt.

Which pumpkin spread?


It’s peanut butter pumpkin time!


This one is a bit surprising, but more people are intrigued by the peanut butter and pumpkin spice combo than just a classic pumpkin spread. It may make your morning toast a bit more interesting!

Even the Wishbone community joined in on the Pumpkin Spice debate!

Basic or nah?


Pumpkin vs. Apple Oreos


The iconic coffee drink of Fall or Winter?


Which pumpkin flavor can you handle?


 Battle of the Pumpkin Chips


To see how people voted, check out the Wishbone App!


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