Which H&M Balmain Pieces Are Most Popular? The Wishbone Votes Are In!

The highly anticipated H&M Balmain collaboration debuted in H&M retail stores nationwide yesterday, Thursday, November 5, and the world of fashion has since been trying to catch their breath. With only a limited supply of garments available for purchase, fashionistas everywhere stood in massive lines and tried their hands at ordering online with the hopes of trying to get their hands on the coveted pieces.

With over a hundred pieces combined in the mens and women’s H&M x Balmain collection, Wishbone decided to narrow it way down and poll our community on just 6 of the most fashion-forward women’s garments to uncover the best of the best. We reached up to 25,000 Wishbone voters who shared their thoughts – let’s take a look!

Studded Embroidered Top vs. Stunning Leather Jacket


When forced to select a single Balmain top, one would run across the dilemma of whether to rock a statement piece or a stunning leather jacket. Doing both may just not be possible. When asked to compare, over 20,000 Wishbone users answered.

IMG_0165The versatile leather jacket beat out the embroidered top by a long shot! Sometimes making a statement speaks volumes, but having a staple like a Balmain leather jacket is far more important in the long run.

Red Faux Fur and Leather Jacket vs. Green Faux Fur and Leather Jacket


The coveted faux fur jacket: every fashionista’s dream! But to own two? That might be overkill. We asked nearly 30,000 users and the Wishbone determined….


…THAT was a close one! With such a neck and neck tie, we know this was a tough call for the Wishbone community. In the end, the red, shorter jacket makes for the better must-have compared to the longer wrap-around look.

Green Sequin Embroidered Dress vs. Pink Beaded Dress


Perfect for a special night out on the town or even a New Years Eve bash, these cocktail dresses are both no-doubt show stoppers. The fine detail and blossoming colors instantly catch your eye, but which do you turn to first?


Pink turns out on top! H&M Balmain’s rose-colored, long dress beat out the more risque green sequence piece, in what some may call an upset. The high-neck trend has been hot for some time now and may had something to do with beating the deep v-neck look.

Black and White Beaded Dress vs. Black and Gold Beaded Dress

img_1337_png__750×1334_   Saving the best for last: these two stunning H&M Balmain beauties! Made famous my Kylie Jenner, the black and gold long sleeve mini dress puts up a good fight up against the hand beaded black and white ensemble. Let’s see who takes the cake!


In another shocking turn of events, the more detailed black and white dress outruns the black and gold look by a good chunk of votes! New it-girl GiGi Hadid recently wore this specific dress on the red carpet during the H&M Balmain promos – could that have been the reason?

Let us know what you think about the new H&M Balmain collection, as well as our Wishbone results, in the comments! And don’t forget to check out Wishbone App to be apart of our polls for next time!


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