2015’s Biggest Fashion and Beauty Trend Winners

Flash tats, top nots and Ray Ban’s. These are just a few of our fashion favorites! Looking back at 365 days of fleekness, we polled our Wishbone users to debate on the trendiest topics of 2015. Do you agree on these results? Take a look!

12. Summer Shades

Wishbone 2015 Fashion Ray Bans v Dior

11. Barley there summer staples

Wishbone Fashion 2015 arm hole vs crop

10. Popular piercings

Wishbone Fashion 2015 Nose ring vs septum

9. Printed pants

Wishbone Fashion 2015 Tribal Pants vs Distressed

8.ย Half-Up, Half-Down Decisions

Wishbone Fashion 2015 Half Up Pony vs bun

7. Accessories galore

Wishbone Fashion 2015 Tribal tats vs claws

6. Trendy textiles

Wishbone Fashion 2015 Flannel vs Black Black

5. Wonky waist trainers

Wishbone Fashion 2015 Waist Trainer

4. Lame Lip Plumpers?

Wishbone Fashion 2015 Lip Plumper

3. Top hats vs. Top Knots

Wishbone Fashion 2015 Hat vs bun

2. Luscious locks

Wishbone Fashion Platinum vs Baylayge

  1. 50 Shades of Lips

Wishbone Fashion 2015 black vs grey lips


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