Inspirational #WCW of 2015

While a number of female celebrities may be talented and beautiful, only a select few are seen as inspirational. With the help of the Wishbone community, we have created the ultimate #WCW list with all the female Hollywood stars of 2015 that are meant to be idolized for all they’ve achieved. These female idols had the most compared cards created on the Wishbone App with over 300,000 votes per card!

Taylor Swift vs. Adele

giphy (8)

Taylor Swift has the attention of millions of young girls who listen to her every word. It bodes well for them that she takes the time to give sound advice on how to appreciate yourself and not to let anyone bring you down. Adele is a great figure for women as well due to her ability to bluntly question the norms society places on what is qualified as “beautiful.” It doesn’t hurt that she also has a sense of humor and an incontrollable potty mouth.

The verdict: 53% side with Adele vs. 47% Taylor Swift

Adele does an amazing job of being her authentic self in an industry of fake people. She is able to appeal to the masses with a charm that makes her difficult to hate. It might have something to do with the fact that she can belt it out like nobody’s business.

Demi Lovato vs. Selena Gomez


There’s no question about Demi Lovato’s status as a role model for people everywhere. After publicly announcing her diagnosis as bipolar and having issues with self-harm, Demi turned her negatives into a positive. She quickly became an icon for those who felt they didn’t have a voice. Selena was under the microscope herself due to her high profile on and off relationship with Justin Bieber. She prevailed the critics by releasing amazing music and speaking out on what it means to live your life without listening to other’s judgements.

The verdict: 60% side with Selena Gomez vs. 40% Demi Lovato

Selena Gomez handled the media with class despite their constant scrutiny and backlash. She showed us how to be vulnerable and embrace the mistakes we make in life.

Jennifer Lawrence vs. Cara Delevingne


Jennifer Lawrence’s goofy nature reminds us of that best friend who keeps us laughing through the day. She’s a talented actress who has been able to gain success at a young age making us all rethink our life goals. On top of all that, she wrote an article speaking against the double standards women face both in the Hollywood industry and throughout the world in general. Cara Delevingne has also received a huge amount of success very young, and used that fame to bring attention to how differently men and women are treated in society. When she was criticized for coming out as bi-sexual, she fought for people’s acceptance towards diversity.

The verdict: 69% side with Jennifer Lawrence vs. 31% Cara Delevingne

Jennifer’s wide range of success has us excited to see what she’ll do next. And in real life, she always happens to say it like it is and make us relate to her on another level. We can always look to her for female empowerment.

Beyonce vs. Nicki Minaj

giphy (9)

Where to start with the amazing Queen Bee. She makes being society’s chosen royalty look like a piece of cake. While making her mark in music, she still manages to enforce concepts of female empowerment. She speaks up about being a feminist and doesn’t shy away from it in her music with lyrics like “Who run the world? Girls!” And Nicki created a name for herself in a genre dominated by men. While doing so, she empowers her fans with impactful words on the importance of education and self-love.

The verdict: 63% side with Beyonce vs. 37% Nicki Minaj

All hail the Queen Bee. She is talented, well-spoken, and works nonstop to  perfect her craft. We’ve got nothing but respect for our idol.

Shailene Woodley vs. Emma Watson


There was a moment where the trending topic was to hate on Shailene Woodley simply because she was quirky and did things her own way. Instead of back-tracking and trying to gain the people’s love, Shailene stuck to her guns and embraced her inner weirdness in a way that reminded us to do the same. Emma Watson is no stranger to backlash either, as she received threats after becoming the UN Women Goodwill Ambassador and launching the HeForShe campaign. Her UN speech on declaring feminism as something to achieve and not a word to fear went viral and moved many to follow her example.

The verdict: 56% side with Emma Watson vs. 44% Shailene Woodley

We have grown up alongside Emma and love the woman she has become. From her fashion expertise to her stand for equal rights, Emma is nothing short of magical.

Oprah vs. Ellen Degeneres


Oprah is a powerhouse that has no signs of stopping. She has created an empire that continues to flourish while maintaining a charitable heart that has improved many lives throughout the world. She is a female icon that will go down in history. Her only competition is Ellen Degeneres. She came out as gay during a time where it could lead to the end of a career in Hollywood. But Ellen prevailed smiling, giving back to anyone she could along the way.

The verdict: 78% side with Ellen Degeneres vs. 22% Oprah

A tough decision as both are remarkable women, but Ellen danced her way into our hearts and we don’t see this woman stopping from conquering the world anytime soon.


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