Wishbone Giveaways: Day 4

On the fourth day of Wishmas Wishbone gives to you, a stylish nail kit to up your do!


Here’s how to play:

Look for the card in one of today’s Community Sessions with a playful riddle.

*Hint: The riddle has a lot of rhyming going on. 


1. Once you’ve figured out the answer keep an eye out for it in our Community Feeds in the Wishbone App.

2. When you find it , comment NORTH POLE

3. The 275th person to comment NORTH POLE will win a stylish nail kit by Ciate, some wishbone goodies and a chance to be featured!


1. Contest only takes place IN the Wishbone App – (link in bio)

2. Make sure to check the Community Feeds that update EVERY HOUR to find the secret card!

3. We only count ONE comment of the word EGGNOG by each user, so don’t waste your time posting more than 1 comment!

4. We will announce the Winner in tomorrows Daily Dozen!

*Winners* Keep an eye out for an e-mail or message from the Wishbone team for details on claiming your prize!

You can also stay up to date with our Wishbone challenges on our Instagram, Twitter, Facebook and Tumblr profiles.


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