Wishbone Giveaways: Day 7

On the seventh day of Wishmas Wishbone gives to you, a polaroid camera to snap and print your pics!


Figure out the answer to the riddle below and use that secret word to find the winning card!

Solve this riddle and look for the secret word: “You are going through these clues at a good pace, the next one can be found in a fire____”

*Hint: It keeps you warm on a cold winter night.

1. Once you’ve figured out the answer keep an eye out for it in our Community Feeds in the Wishbone App.

2. When you find it , comment JINGLES.

3. The 291st person to comment will win an awesome new selfie booth kit, some wishbone goodies and a chance to be featured!


1. Contest only takes place IN the Wishbone App

2. Make sure to check the Community Feeds that update EVERY HOUR to find the secret card!

3. We only count ONE comment of the word JINGLES by the same user, so don’t waste your time posting more than 1 comment!

4. The winner will get a special notification to their phone, reply to us with an e-mail!


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