“The Bachelor” Recap: Drama in Week 2

The drama continues on “The Bachelor” and we’re loving every crazy minute of it. Ben Higgins has his hands full with these selection of girls as some have us questioning their sanity. Wishbone users voted their thoughts on the latest episode aired Monday night.


First up was a high school themed group date. Because nothing says romance like those awkward pubescent years. The ladies were expected to use their noggins to make volcanoes explode (insert dirty joke here), find Indiana on a map, and get wet to bob for some apples. A real textbook first date. Mandi Kremer managed to win this round and got to go to “homecoming” with Ben. It may entail another dental exam if he’s lucky. But the group date rose was awarded to Jojo Fletcher.


And then we come to Lace Morrison, the girl we all love to hate. She admitted to being “slightly” tipsy during the season premiere and wanted to make up for her past behavior. It’s safe to say things didn’t go as Lace planned.

After declaring her and Ben were “eye-f**cking,” she lost her cool declaring Jubilee Sharpe got in the way of her kiss with Ben. She had to convince the viewers she wasn’t crazy by repeatedly stating she wasn’t crazy.  Did it work?

Another failure for Lace. If you have to repeatedly declare your sanity, it’s fairly obvious that you’re lacking a few screws in the head.

Caila Quinn was the first lucky girl to get a one-on-one date with Ben and things got hot. Because of the hot tub that is. And it wasn’t so much a one-on-one event as Kevin Hart and Ice Cube decided to make a surprise visit. 

The duo were hilarious, especially as Ice Cube tried to persuade Ben to buy condoms while at a Liquor Store. Wishbone voters definitely enjoyed the surprise guests as they brought on the laugh factor.

Then there was the “science” portion of the night. Dr. Love joined in for another group date for a series of experiments. One of which had Ben awkwardly sniffing the girls while blindfolded. Who writes this stuff? Because it’s so oddly entertaining we can’t keep our eyes off the screen!


Alas, Sam Passmore got the lowest score since the “glands next to her reproductive organs” smelled “sour.” Olivia Caridi, on the other hand, did fairly well and took ownership of some bragging rights. “Olivia is the worst,” Amanda said. “Since the very first week in the house, I’ve had bad vibes from Olivia.” Olivia ended up getting the rose and made sure everyone knew it saying, “I got the group date rose. Me. It’s mine.”


It’s only two episodes into the season and we can already tell Olivia and Lace will be stirring the pot quite often. Who did Wishbone voters think was the all time Queen of Drama?

Olivia took the crown on that one. On one hand we don’t want Ben to pick her but we want her to stick around just long enough to see what kind of crazy she can start up.

Overall, we can’t help but enjoy the contests and games a little more than the dates. It’s still too early for genuine connections to happen so at this point in the season it’s better to enjoy the quirky games and the weird ways they are justified as helping Ben find love.

The episode ended with the classic Rose Ceremony and Olivia stole the spotlight once again for a lip-locking session with Ben to assert her claim. The ladies that were given the boot were Jackie Dion, Mandi Kremer who didn’t impress with her dental skills, and Lauren Barr who actually eliminated herself much to everyone’s surprise. Apparently she just wasn’t feeling it.

How does one not feel this we will never understand.

“The Bachelor” airs on ABC Mondays at 8 p.m. EST.

Check back for more “The Bachelor” recaps and votes every week! To see how people voted, be sure to get the Wishbone App!



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