“American Idol” Recap: Philadelphia

Another round of auditions on “American Idol” broke some hearts and made some dreams come true in Philadelphia. Wishbone voters are keeping their eye out for who can make it past the auditions and on to the finale. Here’s what Wishbone voters thought of the Philadelphia auditions.

Surpassed Our Eggspectations

A 17-year-old waitress at Eggspectations, Sara Sturm chose Meghan Trainor’s “My Lips are Moving” as her audition song. Her sweet persona and unique voice got through to the judges despite her nervousness. “I think you have a sound that sort of belies your years,” said judge Keith Ubran.

The Wonderfully Weird

Another young singer up for the audition was the quirky Jenn Blosil. At first it was difficult to take Jenn seriously as her demeanor was off-putting and had some convinced she wouldn’t have the talent to get a golden ticket. Much to the audience’s surprise, she gave an amazing rendition of Imagine Dragon’s “Radioactive” on the piano that won the judges over. But can she win over America’s heart?

The Young Hopefuls

Clearly she has some work to do as Wishbone voters gave Sara the edge for the night. Let’s see how the two will do when the stakes get higher in Hollywood.

The Country Crooner

At 15, Isaac Cole made for an interesting audition with his talk-sing style of “Love Like Crazy.” His Bieber locks and country twang were an interesting combo. Judges were skeptical but after his pleas, Isaac managed to make it to Hollywood.

The Songwriter

Harrison Cohen went with a bold approach by performing one of his own tracks titled “No Time.” The Spanish inspired guitar track was catchy and showed off Harrison’s potential. He definitely deserved to make it to Hollywood but between him and Isaac, we’re not sure who will take it that step farther. Wishbone users clearly had an opinion on the performances.

The Guitar Battle

Voters enjoyed Harrison’s original song and guitar skills for his first “American Idol” performance. He clearly is building a fan base that might help him work his way to the top.

The Heartbreaker

John Arthur Greene was the heartbreaker of the night and not for his handsome looks or charm. He revealed his heart-breaking backstory and the reason he uses music as an outlet. As an 8-year-old, John was playing cops and robbers with his then 13-year-old brother and accidentally shot his brother with a loaded gun. Many rooted for him and were pleased with his performance of “Somebody Like You.” He’s definitely talented but may need some work to stay in the competition.


The Shock Factor

Ellis Banks was the more entertaining part of the night. Donned in what he described as a “Jesus wig,” bedazzled bottoms and a robe, Ellis performed Lady Gaga’s “Born This Way.” He tried to sway the judges with “Jesus wigs” of their own but he was clearly not the right fit for Hollywood.


Tragic or Tragically Untalented?

Although we can’t help but enjoy the train-wrecks of “American Idol” our heart goes out to those struggling to make their dreams become a reality. It’s these stories that have us coming back to watch the show every year. The tragically untalented are a bonus that keep our emotions balanced throughout each episode.


The OG Judge in Need for a Comeback

He may have been unnecessarily rude 90 percent of the time and brought people to tears on a regular basis, but we all want to see Simon Cowell return before “American Idol” takes its final bow. His accent and harsh comments made for great TV as did his rare genuine moments. We enjoyed Randy Jackson and his every “Yo dog” comment, but Simon’s the real MVP of the series.


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